This Week – Step By Step Guide To Using Cake Box Extenders

cake boxes wholesale extenders offer a prudent and simple approach to pack and transport enormous stacked cakes. They are produced using a nourishment safe solid cardboard and arrive in a choice of sizes. Follow our bit by bit control for the most effortless approach to collect, it just takes a couple of moments. When utilizing an extender, you will require a cake box a similar size. For instance, to utilize a 14 x 14 x 18-inch-high extender, you will likewise require a 14 x 14 inch box. Purchase the extender all alone or then again as a set with the container.

Stage 1. Open the base of your cake box and spot your cake in the middle.

Stage 2. Open up the extender and cautiously place over the highest point of the cake so it lounges around the board.

Stage 3. Space the sides of the case together around the extender and put the container top on.

Stage 4. A 14-inch extender will fit easily over a 14 inch round cake board. To fit over a 14 inch square board, cut a cut around 3cm or 1 inch at each base corner.

Stage 5. The extender will currently fit serenely over the square board. Gather the crate around it as ordinary.